Archive | March, 2016

Jeep® Wrangler Trailcat Hits Easter Jeep Safari

Every Jeep® fan in Vicksburg has a favorite model from the lineup, but if we’re all being honest about it, we have to know that the Wrangler probably tops more people’s lists than any other model the marque currently manufactures. Even as-is, it’s one of the most fun automobiles to drive on the face of […]

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Jeep® Introduces New Renegade Comanche Concept

Usually, when an automaker goes forward with some sort of awesomely outrageous concept vehicle, they do so around the timetables of the industry’s larger auto shows, like the ones in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Detroit, but this year Jeep® saved some of its most interesting new automobiles for a different kind of event: the Easter […]

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Dart GT Named Among Top Performance Cars

Buying a new car is a tricky thing, mostly because the overwhelming majority of consumers have a huge list of things on their wish lists and only a certain amount of money available to make those dream features happen. Unfortunately for a lot of Vicksburg Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM customers, that limited budget can mean […]

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