Archive | April, 2016

RAM Named Popular Mechanics’ “Best Truck”

Ask anybody in the entire world who owns a RAM truck– there really aren’t many more fine-crafted automotive specimens on the face the planet. Of course, we have to say those things here at Vicksburg Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM because we not only love these trucks, we sell them. Despite our bias, though, there have […]

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Jeep® Grand Cherokee Introduces Trailhawk, Summit Trims

Anybody who loves Jeep® as a brand by extension probably also loves the Jeep Grand Cherokee as a model. It’s hard not to, what with its pleasing combination of everyday utility and off-road capabilities, but just because a model is generally accepted by the public and, some would say, perfectly fine just the way it […]

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RAM Considering New Midsize Pickup?

For a long, long time, RAM executives have made it very clear that they simply didn’t believe there was room in the range for a midsize pickup truck. Apparently they put together a RAM 1000 once upon a time and didn’t get the feedback they were hoping for, which was enough for them to scrap […]

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