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What Should I Do If I Get Stuck in the Snow?

There are preventative steps you can take to ensure your vehicle is safe and reliable all winter long, like making an emergency kit and swapping out the tires. That said, we can still get stuck in the snow from time to time. Here are some steps you’ll want to take if your vehicle gets stuck this winter:

  • Get to Safety: It’s usually best to stay in your vehicle, but always check your surroundings. If your car is stuck in an unsafe location, get to safety before calling for help.
  • Try Rocking: You can try rocking the vehicle out of the spot by gently moving it forward and then reversing it. Go slowly and watch for any signs of spinning that indicate you’re not getting traction.
  • Get Out and Push: You always want to be extremely careful when attempting to push your vehicle out of a snowbank or icy spot. Make sure one person is in the driver’s seat and communicate every step of the way.
  • Add Traction: The rubber floor mats in your Chrysler vehicle can be used to gain traction under the tires on icy surfaces. Kitty litter is another useful tool for adding traction, so consider adding some to your winter preparedness kit.

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