This summer, Dodge has released four new highly entertaining television commercials that all fall under a new “Dodge Brothers” series of spots that show the value of history and tradition and how that has translated to some awesome modern-day vehicles.

The first commercial is called “First Dodge” and shows the brothers as kids, basically, developing a motorized bicycle from scratch in some urban garage back in 1914. That was, in fact, the first vehicle the real brothers built together, so it’s rather fun to see the origin story of the brand’s two most formidable superheroes. The spot ends with the new Dodge Dart running across the screen along with a boast about how it’s the most technologically advanced vehicle in its class.

A second one, entitled “Drive By,” shows a rich turn-of-the-century country club filled with patrons sipping tea and eating what we can only assume are “biscuits.” Then, glasses start shaking and windows start rattling as a new 2015 Dodge Durango rolls up the drive blasting “No Flex Zone” through the lauded BeatsAudio stereo system that comes with the vehicle.

The third commercial, “Discovery,” switches from the 2015 Dodge Charger and 2015 Dodge Challenger Scat Packs (each of which gets up to 485 hp) to a couple of old touring Doge vehicles to show that little has changed in the last century in terms of how fun burnouts are.

Finally, there’s “Morse Code,” which shows a Charger flashing its lights to the beat of a secret Morse Code message. You’re welcome to translate it, but essentially it’s trolling viewers for spending time trying to translate it. Oh, Dodge, you rascals.

As your local Dodge dealership, we love the new spots and hope they translate well to improved sales this year!