When Dodge announced earlier this year that they were going to develop five special-edition Dodge Viper vehicles to commemorate the model’s last year of production, we had a feeling here at Vicksburg Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM that those models would find themselves spoken for rather quickly. As it turns out, we were right, as all 206 examples of those five special edition models were reserved within five days of having been made available, while the 28 examples of 1:28 Edition ACR Dodge Viper were gone in an incredible 40 minutes.

The response to these vehicles was so positive that Dodge felt it was a reasonable gamble to come up with one more: the Dodge Viper Snakeskin ACR, which only recently went on sale and is expected to be sold out by summer’s end, as well.

To give the Dodge Viper a Snakeskin theme makes a lot of sense, though it’s worth noting that no actual snakeskin appears in or on the vehicle. This special edition is a “Snakeskin Green” and features black “snakeskin patterned” SRT stripes, so consider it more of a metaphorical name than a literal one. The car also gets carbon-ceramic brakes, the Extreme Aero package, the ACR package, a serialized plaque for the dashboard, and a green car cover that features the owner’s name.

In terms of new Dodge cars, it’s a rather nice one and a fitting final special edition for one of the most beloved sports cars in automotive history. The Viper has been around for a quarter of a century, and while it is headed to retirement soon, something that sporty and that powerful almost had no choice but to go out with a bang. These quick-selling special editions have helped make that possible.