It’s October here in Vicksburg, which means the leaves on the trees are starting to change colors and drift along an autumn breeze directly into our front yards, where they patiently wait to be raked up and stuffed into garbage sacks. Of course, there are easier ways to rid a yard of fallen leaves than raking, but most of the safest of those alternatives typically involve a leaf blower, which we here at Vicksburg Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM just so happen to be giving away this month with the purchase or lease of any new automobile.

It might not seem like a huge boon considering the cost of an automobile, but if you were considering buying or leasing a new automobile anyway, particularly a new Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep or RAM automobile, what’s the harm in doing so at a time when a leaf blower comes with that purchase? Particularly at this time of year, when we’re all considering paying a teenager to rake up the messes in our yards for us, adding a leaf blower to our lives is far from the worst thing.

For those customers that already have a leaf blower or have no need for one, there is another option; any customer that buys or leases a new vehicle this month can have us donate $100 to the national Breast Cancer Foundation instead. October is, after all, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and we’re happy to put that leaf blower money toward that cause, as well.

Whether you’d rather make the donation or get the yard tool doesn’t matter; October is a great month to buy a new FCA automobile. We’ve all bought or leased vehicles before that came with nothing special at all. Why not accept a free gift from a dealership itching to hand one out?