Anybody who loves Jeep® as a brand by extension probably also loves the Jeep Grand Cherokee as a model. It’s hard not to, what with its pleasing combination of everyday utility and off-road capabilities, but just because a model is generally accepted by the public and, some would say, perfectly fine just the way it is doesn’t mean that the automaker can’t decide to freshen things up a bit on a whim.

And that’s exactly what is happening next model year as Jeep puts together a couple of new trim options to help consumers get the most out of their Grand Cherokee purchases. These trims, including the Trailhawk for those that want the ultimate off-road experience and the Summit for those who want maximum luxury, will bring a host of new attractive automotive options to your friendly neighborhood Jeep dealership this summer.

The new Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk, for starters, has a ton of features that cater to fans of traveling off the beaten path. It comes with a solid 4×4 drive system, a rear electronic limited slip differential, a specially-tuned air suspension, skid plates, and huge wheels that could be as big as 20 inches for those that like them as big as possible.

As for the Summit trim, it’s serving as a range-topping luxurious option for Portage Grand Cherokee owners who want a little extra lavishness sprayed throughout their vehicles. This means slick Laguna leather upholstery on the seat and the dash, a really nice Harman Kardon stereo with 19 speakers, and its own 4×4 system and air suspension.

We expect these models to find their way to Vicksburg Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM sometime late this summer, and when it does, we’ll happily to take our customers out for test drives so they can see up close just what all these new Grand Cherokee offerings can do.