Back in 2012, Jeep® made it known that they had plans to bring back the Grand Wagoneer, a Jeep take on the large luxury SUV segment. At the time, however, we had no idea what kind of vehicle that cherished old moniker would be attached to.

Now, however, the picture has started to become clearer, as Jeep global brand director Michael Manley recently told AutoCar of his plans for the Grand Wagoneer.

“Part of my plan says there is space for us above the Grand Cherokee,” Manley said. “I’ve always talked about Grand Wagoneer and that for me is a big focus and will fill out the brand at the top.”

“At the top” in this case means bigger, stronger, and potentially more lavish than any other vehicle currently in the Jeep stable, including the lauded 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Currently our largest model, the Grand Cherokee rocks a strong engine, has great off-road capabilities and is loaded with features, but a larger Grand Wagoneer would provide even more seating and cargo storage space, as well as more power and perhaps even more luxury.

Manley is calling the vehicle, tentatively scheduled for a 2018 release, a “flagship SUV” for the Jeep Brand, which means much of what we expect to see happen probably will happen. As your friendly neighborhood Jeep dealership, we can say with confidence that this is going to make a strong brand even stronger, and frankly, there’s no way that the new Grand Wagoneer could go wrong!