The art of designing cars is a tricky one, but everything essentially boils down to this: consumers want to own something that makes them feel special and unique. While it’s true that there are millions of people on this planet that own a Dodge Charger or Chrysler 200 or Jeep Grand Cherokee, every single person ordering those vehicles chooses a color, trim and options that make it his or her own.

Well, the 2015 Dodge Viper is offering something new this year in its GTC trim, which gives customers more control over personalization than they’ve ever had. Despite the fact that this GTC package is technically called a “trim level,” the reality is that it offers access to a catalog of all sorts of different personalization options, including over 8,000 exterior paint colors, 24,000 hand-painted custom stripe patterns, ten different wheel options, 16 trim choices and six aerodynamic packages. For the math majors out there, all those choices can be combined to provide over 25 million different configurations for the new Viper.

Even more amazing is that the GTC trim also automatically puts drivers in an exclusive VIP program called Viper Concierge, which allows those people actually manufacturing the vehicle to keep in touch with the customer throughout the process, sending periodic updates to ensure that the bespoke vehicle is being assembled the way the buyer intended.

In other words, Dodge is taking personalization of its new 645-hp Viper to a whole new level. Since there will not 25 million Viper models sold, it’s virtually impossible that yours would look like anybody else’s; how’s that for special and unique?