Ask anybody in the entire world who owns a RAM truck– there really aren’t many more fine-crafted automotive specimens on the face the planet. Of course, we have to say those things here at Vicksburg Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM because we not only love these trucks, we sell them. Despite our bias, though, there have been more than enough organizations and publications over the years who agree with us to make us believe that we’re probably right. The RAM 1500 and other models in this range are some of the best trucks in the industry.

Most recently it was named the “Best Truck” by Popular Mechanics, which is a particularly prestigious distinction because that publication not only drives every pickup in the industry at least once, but they also talk to the people who design the trucks and those who ultimately manufacture them. There might not be anyone in the business who has a better of sense of things than Popular Mechanics, so when they say it’s the “Best Truck,” we can’t fathom an argument against them.

The reasons for naming it as such are manifold, but the gist is that RAM trucks simply do some things that other trucks do not. For starters, it’s the only truck in the industry to offer an air suspension, and it’s also the only truck with the lauded ZF eight-speed automatic transmission. Its engines are diverse and robust, and its power numbers are some of the best in its class.

Battle Creek drivers love RAM trucks, but so does Popular Mechanics, which together proves the value of these automobiles on a wider scale. More and more people are switching to RAM pickups, and that’s a trend we certainly hope continues.