One the one hand, sales numbers aren’t everything. A dealership can have a great year in terms of building great relationships with customers and running a service department that does great work and earns our patrons’ trust, but let’s face it—automakers ultimately are judged based on how many units they move. That’s why we were so pleased to see that RAM trucks were once again having such a strong year, placing among the top four in total vehicle sales through the first half of the year. Pickup trucks are always a hot item for American consumers, but there’s no questioning the fact that RAM is having another strong year.

A lot of that is thanks to the 2014 RAM 1500, a gorgeous full-size pickup that offers a great variety of powerful drivetrains and combinations of cab and bed sizes. While a lot of our customers love that the 1500 drives so smoothly and has such a lavish cabin, we’ve also heard a lot this year about how nice it is to have a diesel option on a half-ton pickup. There’s no other half-ton truck in the industry right now that offers that, and we think that’s been one area that has allowed RAM to stand out amidst a competitive and crowded segment.

People love RAM trucks because they know that they’re strong, dependable automobiles that can do a little bit of everything if the need calls for it. Hopefully the sales stay strong, and the RAM trucks remain among the best-sellers in the business at year’s end.