This might come as something of a shock to some of our readers, but it gets very cold here in Michigan in the winter, and with that cold comes quite a bit of ice, snow, hail and sleet. Between the brutal temperatures and the sometimes difficult road conditions, Portage, MI drivers should consider bringing their automobiles into the Vicksburg Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM service department to undergo the process of winterizing them. Without question, gearing up your Jeep SUVs, Chrysler sedans, and RAM trucks for the winter could literally save your life.

The first way that many drivers preemptively deal with the ice and snow is to switch over to winter tires. The rubber compounds in these special tires are more resistant to cold and therefore remain more malleable when facing the elements. That added to deeper tread keeps vehicle glued to the road, so our service technicians can either switch over your current snow tires for the winter season or talk you through what we have available in stock if you are interested in purchasing a set.

Furthermore, drivers are encouraged to keep a full tank of wiper fluid and at least a half tank of gas throughout the winter season. Nothing is worse than having a streak of salt and dirt make your windshield completely opaque with grime, and keeping gas in your tank ensures that you’ll at least have a few hours of heat should your car get stranded in the snow or break down somewhere remote.

As your Chrysler dealership, we want the best for you this winter season, and that means encouraging all our customers to strap on winter tires and be smart about how they’re dealing with the winter weather. The conditions can be brutal in Michigan, but a few simple steps can make winter much easier to handle.