FCA US LLC put a lot of work into making sure that the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica was, in as many ways as possible, the most modern, technologically-advanced minivan in the industry, and it’s pretty easy to see that it has succeeded on many levels. One would think FCA US LLC would take their victory and a relax a little in their accomplishment, but it turns out that this whole time they’ve been working on the Chrysler Portal concept vehicle ahead of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in an attempt to make their minivans even better.

To be fair, as a concept vehicle like this one probably isn’t headed for production or car dealerships like Vicksburg Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM any time soon, but this all-electric minivan concept shows off some features that could find their way to future Chrysler automobiles, perhaps even later versions of the Chrysler Pacifica.

Those modernized features include LED rings of light around the sides and rear of the vehicle that actually would change color according to the driver’s tastes, while the see-through roof would allow the vehicle to be lit much more naturally than its predecessors. It also is 20 inches shorter than the Chrysler Pacifica, but its seats are pretty versatile in how they shift around the vehicle to make storage capacity creatively diverse.

From a convenience perspective, there are movable infotainment screens and ten charging ports scattered throughout the concept minivan. There’s a head-up display above the dash and a creative new stylized steering wheel, all of which accompany that slick all-electric drivetrain.

This new Chrysler van is, for now, a dream, but we could very well see some of these goodies find their ways into forthcoming automobiles. Some features clearly are just to impress the crowds and CES, but the Chrysler experts at Vicksburg Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM absolutely could see some of this tech sneaking into Chrysler cars and minivans soon. We’re looking to the future that the Chrysler Portal represents and can’t wait for exciting new technology to arrive at our car dealership near Kalamazoo, MI!