There aren’t a lot of people who grew up hanging posters of wood-paneled station wagons on their walls, not because wood-paneled station wagons aren’t wonderful and practical automobiles, but because they aren’t particularly cool.

The Dodge Viper, on the other hand, remains one of the coolest vehicles in the industry. There were (and are) plenty of posters hanging up for that car, and we’ve got a feeling that the new 2015 Dodge Viper is going to keep that trend alive thanks to a few upgrades we think consumers are really going to appreciate.

The most notable of those updates involves the powertrain, as the beloved V10 under the hood of this beast is set to see an increase in horsepower this model year, bringing the total up to an impressive 645 hp. Of course, that isn’t the only way in which the engine has improved; Dodge engineers also managed to finagle a little extra efficiency out of it, as well, meaning the new Viper is somehow both more powerful and more efficient than it was in its last iteration.

Beyond that, there will be a new GT trim this year that slots in between the base model and the GTS trim. This will give drivers access to things like adjustable suspension and trick stability control without costing quite as much as the GTS. Some new paint colors will be available this year, as well.

Obviously, we’re very excited about the imminent arrival of the new Viper, and with all these great changes, we imagine that our customers are too!